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“This is modern progressive metal at its finest”

Mike Huck, Heavy Music HQ

“Wow.  This one came out of left field, but it’s good enough to hang with genre’s established acts”
“The band takes their influences and tastefully melds them into their own style, combining deft musicianship with plenty of melody and atmospherics, and in doing so have crafted one of the top progressive metal releases of the year”

Huck N Roll, Angry Metal Guy

“Picking out specific highlights to… well, highlight… is remarkably difficult as a result, since there’s not a weak track among them, and every song has something different and remarkable that helps it stand out from its brothers”

Andy Synn, No Clean Singing

“Obsidian Tide is another band who are continuing to re-invent Progressive rock for the modern age and with one listen to Pillars of Creation it is easy to hear just why”
“A terrific showcase of what heavy metal can be”

Coverkiller Nation, YouTube

“This is a very strong debut. Obsidian Tide has a strong sound, fantastic production and marketing styles, and tons of energy and lyrical depth”

Chief editor, The Prog mind

“It should be clear: Pillars Of Creation is a fantastic debut album that every lover of adventurous, progressive music should not miss... With so much musical craftsmanship, technical playing, intelligence and compositional ingenuity, this band deserves the attention of the entire metal world”
“'Pillars of Creation' isn’t just an album, it’s an experience. Obsidian Tide manage to tap into the virgin potential of what progressive music is at its heart... 'Pillars of Creation' literally has a little something for everyone... and just a little more to top it off. This is a highly rewarding listen for anyone who is ready and willing to invest the time”

Robert Miklos, Everything is Noise

“The trio's quality time in the studio and on stage has helped them in creating a strong and consolidated core that shows itself in the form of maximal creation within a minimal band size”

Yoni Oren, Metalist Magazine (Hebrew)

“Obsidian Tide are certainly no newcomers to the progressive metal scene, and with this album they prove that they do it infinitely better than most”

Jacob Aiden, Jamsphere

“This three-piece prog metal band from Israel are well on their way to becoming national heavy metal heroes”

Luke Parsons, Abrasive Noise

“OBSIDIAN TIDE stand out in the local scene and have a huge potential to make an international break. I give this album a solid 10 out of 10”

Zohar Belkin, Metalheads Forever

“These fellows feel like a breath of hot fresh air from the Levant… which is most welcome! Worth more than a listen”

Rockavlon, Grande Rock

“I advise to follow this band carefully, they have talent, they stand out and they will go a long way”

Jacopo Vigezzi, Prog Rock Journal

“'Pillars of Creation's release show was at an excellent level, and listening to the entire album live, with the guest musicians, left me absolutely speechless”

Henry Alvarez, Rockatuestilo (Spanish)

“'Pillars of Creation' is an ambitious endeavor that becomes irresistible with every listen, and needs to be heard multiple times to discover all its secrets... If you are a metalhead and love good music, you are sure to find something in this album that appeals to you”

Alejandro Meglar, Metal Addiction (Spanish)

“'Pillars of Creation' is a truly excellent album that will keep your excitement at a high level”
“Obsidian Tide's debut album is an inspired modern take on the progressive death metal subgenre. It’s a multi-faceted beast that invites multiple listening sessions in order to fully experience everything this impressive release has to offer”

Stijn Daneels, Belgian Metal Shredder

“'Pillars of Creation' contains an array of mesmerising guitar riffs, hypnotic vocals and some unexpected twists that would simply not expect. I won’t give away too much here, it’s recommended that you listen to the album to find out what those are”

Lotty Wittingham, Rock Out Stand Out

"It's one of the best albums of the decade"

Hello Vinyl, YouTube (French)

“'Pillars of Creation' feels both musically pleasant and challenges you just about enough. Whether you look at it from an enjoyment or analytical point of view, it is definitely worth your time!”

Andrei Dan, Metal Observer

“Obsidian Tide’s 'Pillars of Creation' is placed as one of the best debut albums”

Sercifer, Dargedik (Spanish)

“Don’t miss out on ‘'Pillars of Creation'’”

Chief Editor, The Bandcamp Diaries

“I found only one fault in 'Pillars of Creation': the fact that it was not printed on vinyl”
(irrelevant; vinyl printing was successfully crowdfunded!)

Jean-Christophe, Neoprog (French)

"This is amazing... bordering on world class"

Steve Thomas-Green, Headshot Music UK

“This album was a journey…a journey through dark forests and sunlit groves that reach the furthest recesses of your mind and state of consciousness.. I have no doubt that this album would appeal to a wide audience”

Dave Campbell, Metal Temple

“Obsidian Tide manages to bring those worlds together. The world of the ethereal and the world of despair. They not only manage to do it, they also do it with such finesse it leaves you stunned”

Chief Editor, Progresque

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