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Our story

Obsidian Tide was founded in the spring of 2012 by Oz Avneya (guitars and clean vocals). After a short search, Erez Nadler (drums and programming) and Shachar Bieber (bass and harsh vocals) joined him to form the current lineup of the band. For a short while in its first year, the band also included Roman Spektor (rhythm guitars and clean vocals), and even auditioned for a keyboardist, but the dust quickly settled and only the original members of the band remained.


Obsidian Tide released their first creation, Debris, in early 2015. This concept EP was recorded and mixed by Erez Nadler independently, and mastered by Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me, Scale the Summit). The album was mostly written by Oz Avneya (based on materials he wrote before forming the band; the finishing touches were a joint effort) and produced by Obsidian Tide. Debris was very well received, and sold many copies worldwide. The band’s latest studio album, Pillars of Creation, is a 55 minutes long concept album featuring 7 songs. It was recorded on multiple locations, and features several guest musicians - including Mike LePond (Symphony X, Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins). This album was written and produced in its entirety by the trio, and mixed & mastered by Jamie King. Pillars of Creation was critically acclaimed throughout the entire world, and sold hundreds of copies in Israel and abroad.

The band has an eclectic and unique sound, which draws inspiration from a wide spectrum of artists and genres. The trio’s songs incorporate extremely headbangable heavy riffs and beautiful melodies, hypnotic post rock parts and killer guitar solos. All these diverse elements contribute to the one of a kind vibe that is the Obsidian Tide experience.

The band has performed all over Israel, and their energetic stage presence has earned them a passionate local crowd. In live concerts, Obsidian Tide work with a pre-programmed laptop, which includes backtracks of additional instruments recorded on Pillars of Creation and all sound transitions. This ensures that Obsidian Tide’s unique sound is preserved wherever they play and meets the band’s high standards for their shows - one that they intend to take abroad.

Band Members
Oz Avneya - Guitar & Vocals

Oz Avneya

Guitars & Vocals

Shachar Bieber - Bass & Vocals

Shachar Bieber

Bass & Vocals

Erez Nadler - Drums & Programming

Erez Nadler

Drums & Programming

Officialy endorsed by: Ormsby Guitars

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